Yeah, I quit selling on Ebay sometime ago and this is where I would showcase some of my items, however, I do have a real blog where I’m very active. If you’d like to see what I’m up to visit me at my blog or find me on any of the following social networks:


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Stereoviews on Ebay.

I just started listing stereoviews on Ebay again. I have many more to do so check them out. They won’t be on for long.


The Marbles.

If you have any questions about this lot on auction at Ebay, just comment here or on Ebay. Thank you.

120+ lot on Ebay.

120+ lot on Ebay.








These are pictures of the Cub Scouts BSA handkerchief/bandana that I think is a vintage one. Notice the prints. You can find all my current listings Here.


Okay. Back to the grind 🙂

I’ve added 9 listings to Ebay today. All are vintage related items…hankies, child’s clown costume, gowns, glassware that looks like it may be Fire King but unmarked, 1969 and 1973 Ohio license plates, vintage looking Cub Scouts BSA handkerchief…

To save money on Ebay I only list one or two photos and add the others here. So I will add them here. Please note that I did not get all the extra pics on tonight. All items are currently on a 7 day auction. If you don’t see the pic you need, please comment here or msg me on Ebay. AND- I sincerely apologize that you cannot enlarge the picture. I thought that was possible. If you need any in a larger format I can reload the picture for that purpose.  Just ask.

More pics to come of other things listed.
Find my current listings on Ebay at
Right Here.

Thank you for looking.

Update on my status!

Okay, well, I closed my Ebay store (though I still have some things to list and will do so when I feel like).  I didn’t want to be saddled with a monthly payment for it and just kind of burned out maybe. I’m also pursuing more in the affiliate marketing and promoting of work at home women & moms, etc.. So, this is just to let you know that I will be closing down this blog soon. If you want to keep up with me, visit me at http://www.halloffamemoms.com. I post product reviews, interviews and freebies! And the site looks pretty 🙂 If you do drop by, leave me a comment and let me know you read about my change from this site.

Thanks for keeping in touch!

Just a quick note to say that a sale on some brand new items will be ending soon at my ebay store. Better go check ’em out now and see if there is anything your sweetie would like for Valentine’s Day! Click here to be taken to Tracy’s Estate Sale!

The boys.

Its been a long cold winter here in Ohio. And as all this beautiful snow has been melting periodically …some of it has been running into house! So, we are a bit disheveled in my work room right now. Its hard to work feeling so disorganized and cluttered. I’ve had to move furniture away from the longest wall in the room into the middle of the room and though the room is long, its not wide and so its pretty clutter. I am looking forward to the spring when we can get the roof looked at and then get repairs started.

All that to say…I have some more items to list! So please stay tuned! Have a safe and fun -rest of the winter! And my your house stay dryer and tighter than mine!